You will learn to:

•   set up a class on Khan Academy;

•   find standards-aligned content;

•   assign practice exercises;

•   gain insight into students’ understanding; and

•   use new strategies for differentiation, in-class practice, homework, and review.

Why use Khan Academy with your class?

•   100% free

•   15,000+ exercises, videos, and articles

 •   Personalized practice tools proven to increase student success

•   K–12 math, grammar, high school science and history, SAT prep, and more

Learn to use Khan Academy this summer in just 60 minutes.

Let's go!Let's go!

Summer bonus!

In addition to earning a certificate of completion, you will also get a chance to win a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area! Training ends on August 10.

Khan Academy Teacher Training 2018

Sign up for Khan Academy’s free, 60-minute, self-paced mini-PD, and learn the nuts and bolts of how real teachers use Khan Academy in their classrooms. Short videos, printable how-to guides, and ongoing expert support ensure you’re prepared for back to school.

Finish the training by August 10 for a chance to win a California vacation!

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